The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange (MNX) has been providing services to the U.S. research community since 1999. We have completed over 2300 unique development and fabrication projects for our customers. We have thousands of MEMS and Nano process technologies available in our advanced processing facility, along with technical assistance from experienced and talented fabrication and process development engineers. MNX can provide a complete range of services to researchers who need a trusted partner at any project phase, including early-stage development, design and modeling, prototype fabrication, or transition to manufacturing. Contact us at www.mems-exchange.org to ask how we can help you quickly and affordably transform your concept from prototype to production!



Media & Entertainment Technologies (M&E Tech) was founded by several engineers, technologists and editors averaging 25 years each of experience in electronics and media industries. The digital magazine was created to address the needs of the marketplace to understand the hardware, standards, components and trends behind the creation, distribution and performance of entertainment in the music, cinema, gaming and animation world.



Every month Semiconductor Packaging News publishes links to more than 300 semiconductor and advanced packaging news stories; more than 10 feature articles; and more than 100 corporate and product news releases. You’ll also find industry tips, commentaries, and event calendar and more. Their daily email newsletter features links to the hottest industry and technology news stories and feature articles from industry publications. They also publish the latest corporate and product news announcement that you may find useful.


If you are interested in becoming a media partner for this event, please contact Jessica Ingram at jessica@memsjournal.com or call at 360.929.0114.